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Trodat 7021 Fast Drying Craft Ink

trodat_7021_alle_600x600 Quick Drying Stamp pad ink to ink dry stamp pads or for reinking existing ones. Available in 25ml bottles. This ink is suitable for gloss paper arts & crafts and suitable for ALL brands of reinkable traditional hand stamp pads.

Trodat 7011 Stamp pad ink 28ml

GR_7011_5olours_Inkbottle_28ml-1000x1000_600x600 Trodat’s 28ml standard stamp inks are specially developed for the modern stamp markets’ most varied demands. Designed for manually inking your dry stamp pad for use with your traditional hand stamp Trodat’s standard inks help deliver Trodat’s best stamp impressions.

Noris 510 Cheese Marking Ink

Noris_510_1000X1000_600x600 Available in black supplied in bottles of 100 ml. With its 2 minute quick drying this water based ink is perfect for marking cheese rinds maximising food safety Perfect for home application where the high visibility of the ink offers

Trodat Ultra Violet Ink Quickdrying 10 ml

Trodat-UV-Ink-Bottle_600x600 This ink is specially designed to ensure that the created impression will dry as quickly as possible. The bottle is a 10 ml bottle of ultra violet ink. Suitable for all brands of reinkable stamp pads.

Noris 111 Meat Marking Ink

noris_111_Uk_alle_600x600 Available in blue and red supplied in bottles of 50 ml. Made specifically to imprint safely onto meat this dye safely dries within 3 minutes allowing you to safely record food standards in an easy to apply hand stamp. Great

Noris 117 Neon Stamp Pad Ink

noris_117_alle_600x600 Supplied in 25ml bottles. Bright neon stamp pad ink makes for ideal decoration on celebratory arts & crafts or for eye catching displays. Water based the ink produces a fluorescent effect even on white paper strengthened under UV light. Corresponding

Noris 170 Egg Marking Ink

noris_170_egg_uk_alle_600x600 Available in black and red supplied in bottles of 100 ml. This water based ink can be quickly and efficiently used to mark eggs the ink drying in 2 minutes Perfect for maximising food safety. Can be used at home